NFL: 2018 Super Bowl LII (Patriots vs. Eagles) Preview


As I’ve said in previous blog posts, I’m a die hard Indianapolis Colts fan, so I have a hard time cheering for the Patriots in any circumstance. I recognize the legacy Belichick and Brady have built and every team in the NFL aspires to have that kind of success.

There are rumors circulating about the end of this legacy. Tom Brady, who is now 40 years old, and Bill Belichick, 65 years young, would be the oldest in league history to win a Super Bowl in their respective roles.

One of the biggest things to know going into Super Bowl Sunday is the experience difference between the Patriots and Eagles.

If the playoff and Super Bowl experience differential isn’t enough to influence your prediction, consider this season.

Tom Brady led the NFL in passing yards with 4,577. According to NFL Research, QB’s who led the league in passing yards are 0-5 in Super Bowls in that season. This isn’t a reason to bet against Brady and the Patriots, but it is something to consider against Nick Foles and the Eagles this season.

Throwing for a whopping 352 yards and 3 TDs against a defense that only gave up an average of 192 pass yards/game during the regular season. If Foles and Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich can dial up that same offensive performance, this game will be well in hand for the NFC Champions.


I don’t expect that to happen. Crazier games have been played, in a Super Bowl, nonetheless. Need I remind you of SB XLVIII?

A big question mark looms over star tight end Rob Gronkowski and his readiness to return to the field following his injury early in the AFC Championship game two weeks ago. Currently in concussion protocol, Gronk knows what it’s like to miss a huge game, missing last seasons Super Bowl with a back injury.

I don’t expect scoring to be hard to come by. The current over/under is 48 points with the Patriots favored by just 3 points. Both teams boast high flying offenses and reliable defenses that will look to take every advantage at their disposal to gain an edge.

My prediction:

I fully expect the Patriots to continue their dominance and win another Super Bowl. As much as I’d like to see the Eagles,the biggest underdog since 2009, beat the Patriots, I don’t think it’ll happen. It’s going to come down to how well Nick Foles plays.

I expect the Tom Brady to have an average playoff TB12 game and lead a solid, well-rounded offensive effort. In order for the Eagles to even have a chance, Foles will have to play out of his mind. As good or better than he played against the Vikings.

The Patriots will keep the Eagles running game locked down and make Foles convert and make plays all game long. The Eagles will, and should, bring blitz more often than usual.

Sporting News Online

Patriots         28
Eagles            24



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