NFL: 2018 Eagles rain supreme in instant classic shootout over Patriots in #SuperBowlLII

If you’re a Patriots fan, be aware.

I’m not going to blast the Pats for their performance in Super Bowl LII. They played a game that would’ve beaten literally any other team in the NFL. I give all the credit to Nick Foles and the Eagles for beating the best dynasty currently in football.

That being said:

“Suck it, Patriots.”

                                             –A happy Colts fan

In an MVP performance, Nick Foles played the game of his life against the defending champs. From the beginning, Foles and his receivers were feeling it and it showed.

Although they only got three points on the opening drive, they opened up a 9-3 lead through the first quarter following Jake Elliot missed XP (not the only blunder of the night on special teams).

After another Eagles TD and a Goskowski FG, the Pats found the endzone for the first time on a 26-yard James White run. Surprisingly, Goskowski missed the XP (the second blunder) to make it a 15-12 game just before the two minute warning of the first half.

In an incredible 7-play, 70-yard drive that covered 90 seconds, Nick Foles drove the Eagles to the 1 yardline, but faced 4th & goal. The biggest play of the half.

Here it is. Gutsiest call for the Eagles to end the half with 10-point lead.

Tom Brady did what he does, finding tight end Rob Gronkowski four times on the opening drive of the third quarter on a 8-play, 75-yard drive that ended with a Gronk Spike. His first of two.

The Eagles followed the score with an answer, driving 85-yards to stay up by 10 midway through the third.  Tom “Playoff” Brady came back strong and led yet ANOTHER long drive to keep the Patriots in the game.

Going 75-yards in just under four minutes narrowed their deficit back to three points, 29-26.

Enter fourth quarter antics.

In one of their least productive drives of the night, the Eagles only mustered a field goal to open the fourth quarter. It seemed like they were running out of steam from keeping up with the Patriots all game.

They weren’t.

Tom Brady led a 10-play drive that lasted nearly five minutes.

The result? A second Gronk Spike that gave the Patriots their first lead of the game with just over nine minutes left in regulation.

If you thought the 4th & goal play to end the first half was gutsy, it gets better.

Foles orchestrated the drive of a lifetime, going 75-yards on FOURTEEN (14) plays and killed over seven minutes off the clock. Just before the two minute warning, Foles found Zach Ertz for a controversial 11-yard TD to take the lead back, 38-33.

After the failed 2PT to go up by seven, the Eagles had one thing to do–stop Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is one of the, if not THE, best clutch quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. His numbers in games don’t lie.

This wasn’t going to be one of those games. On the second play of his final drive, Brady was under pressure and got strip-sacked by Brandon Graham, the Eagles leading sack earner.

The Eagles took over on the NE 28 and stayed in FG range for the Elliot kick to make it 41-33.

One last ditch effort to score points (and possibly a 2PT to even the score) fell short for Brady and the Patriots.

Underdogs throughout the entire postseason. Overlooked once Carson Wentz got injured. Overlooked and underdogs no more.

For the first time since 1960, the Philadelphia Eagles are Champions, winning Super Bowl LII, over the Patriots, 41-33 in offensive shootout

Photo from:

Notable Stats:

Eagles   41
QB: N. Foles (SB MVP)         28/43, 373 yds, 3 TD, 1 TD rec, 1 INT
RB: J. Ajayi                               9 car. 57 yds.
RB: L. Blount                           14 car. 90 yds, TD
RB: C. Clement                         3 car, 8 yds, 4 rec, 100 yds, TD
WR: A. Jeffery                         3 rec, 73 yds, TD
WR: N. Agholor                       9 rec, 84 yds.
TE: Z. Ertz                                7 rec, 67 yds, TD (GW)

Patriots     33

QB: T. Brady                            28/48, 505 yds, 3 TD
RB: J. White                             7 car, 45 yds, TD, 2 rec, 21 yds.
RB: R. Burkhead                     3 car, 18 yds, 1 rec, 46 yds.
WR: D. Amendola                   8 rec, 152 yds.
WR: C. Hogan                          6 rec, 128 yds, TD
TE: R. Gronkowski                 9 rec, 116 yds, 2 TD

If this game wasn’t enough to get you to love the game of football, it was certainly one that’ll go down in history as one of the best ever. Breaking 17 records and tying 12 more, this game was the best offensive shootout in the history of the Super Bowl.

In the middle of many of these records is Tom Brady. Now the only quarterback in NFL history with 10,000+ postseason passing yards, Brady also has the most pass attempts (357), completions (235), passing yards (2,576) and passing touchdowns (18) than any other player in Super Bowl history.

This game, Brady broke the single game passing yards record in a SB with 505, breaking his record from last year against the Falcons (467).

The two teams combined for a NFL record 1,151 total yards (874 of which were passing), which is the most in ANY NFL GAME (regular and postseason games).

I’m not going to list all 29 records that were broken/tied in the game, but CBS Sports did, so here’s a link.


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