#RumorHasIt: NBA Trade Deadline Roster Moves

That’s a wrap on the NBA Trade Deadline.

The Cavaliers made some of the biggest moves today, but the Clippers and Pistons made some impressive deals earlier this month that will help them down the road.

Here are the biggest deals that went down:

Clippers-Pistons deal: 1/30/17

After sending Chris Paul to the Rockets in the offseason, the Clippers are preparing for the long run.

Approaching this seasons trade deadline, the Clippers dealt Blake Griffin to the Pistons in a big deal involving three players and a pick for each team.

In addition to Griffin, the Clippers gave up Brice Johnson and Willie Reed, both minor level players, in exchange for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic and a first & second round draft pick.

Griffin was the primary target for the Pistons, and both Harris and Bradley add good value to the trade.

A heartfelt letter from Griffin:

UPDATE: Willie Reed has been acquired by the Bulls for Jameer Nelson and a swap of second round draft picks and will be waived by the Pistons.

Cleveland-Lakers deal: 2/8/18

After playing in just 15 games this season with the Cavaliers, Isaiah Thomas is headed to the LA Lakers in a huge trade for both teams.

The trade makes sense for both teams, but I’m surprised the Cav’s are already parting with Isaiah Thomas. Last season, Thomas led the Celtics to the best record in the Eastern Conference and was able to advance to the ECF before they fell to the eventual NBA Champion Cavaliers, where he landed in the offseason.

Admittedly, IT hasn’t had the best time in Cleveland. Coming back from a major hip surgery, he has only seen the floor in 15 games this season. Averaging less than 15 points/game is not what we’re used to seeing from Thomas who finished last season as the third best scorer (28.9ppg) behind only Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

Aside from sending Thomas to the LakeShow, the Cavaliers are also parting ways with 13-year veteran Channing Frye.

In his third season with the Cav’s, Frye is only averaging 4 points/game in 12 minutes/game–the lowest of his career.

Because they still have a 1st-round pick from the Brooklyn Nets, the Cav’s used their own pick to complete this blockbuster trade.

For the Lakers, a one of the youngest teams in the league, to get a former All-Star like IT is going be change the dynamic of the team.

When they’re both healthy, I expect Lonzo Ball to play shooting guard with Thomas at point guard. That could be a lethal combination.

In return, the Cav’s are getting Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. from the Lakers to build around Lebron.

Clarkson and Nance, both young players with only 5 seasons combined, prior to this season, are both playing at high levels.

Clarkson is right on pace with all his career averages and Nance is playing the best basketball of his young career.

The Cavaliers are adding two young players that they can invest in and develop without serious impact on their salary cap, while dealing away Thomas and Frye who were racking in the money for minimal game-changing impacts.

Cavaliers-Jazz-Kings deal: 2/8/18

In another big trade for the Cavaliers, a major trade involving three teams plays out like this:

Rodney Hood is having the best season of his career in Utah, and George Hill is a proven veteran. The Jazz get Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose, but reports say they plan on releasing Rose.

UPDATE: The Minnesota Timberwolves plan on signing Rose, once he clears waivers.

Crowder came to the Cav’s in the offseason trade with the Celtics involving Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas and Co.

The Cav’s will send Iman Shumpert and Joe Johnson (along with a 2nd-round pick in the 2020 draft) to the Kings.

Neither Shumpert nor Johnson were averaging double digit points for the Cavaliers this season. Both Hill and Hood were getting plenty of points for their teams.

Cavaliers-Heat deal: 2/8/18

In yet another big move by the Cav’s, they’ve sent veteran Dwyane Wade back to the Miami Heat for a protected 2nd-round pick in the 2020 Draft.

After a 13 years with the Heat, Wade was traded to the Chicago Bulls two years ago, but only played their last season before coming to Cleveland. After playing in 46 games for the Cav’s, averaging 11 points in 23 minutes, Wade will head back home to South Beach.

Wade is the Heat’s franchise leader in games, points, assists and steals.

Knicks-Nuggets-Mavericks deal: 2/8/18

The last major trade of the day involved just three players and two draft picks.

The Nuggets traded Emmanuel Mudiay to the Knicks, who traded a second round pick back to the Nuggets and Doug McDermott to the Mavericks, who traded Devin Harris to the Nuggets.

McDermott will now rejoin former high school teammate Harrison Barnes on the Mavericks team, who is trying to get back in the playoff race.

After these big trades, I expect to cover over who starts in Cleveland, how Isaiah Thomas and Lonzo Ball mesh and how Blake Griffin has helped the Pistons.

Until next time.

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