March Madness: The Best Bracket in Sports

Every year, the best 68 teams get the chance to play on, after their regular season has ended, in the hopes of hoisting a trophy and National Championship banner to their home court ceiling.

And every year, there are 1-3 teams that take the basketball world by storm as they advance through unforeseeable odds to become a “Cinderella story” in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

As March approaches, so does the best month for college basketball.

Millions of fans create their own personalized brackets, compete for pride, money and more, but the players and coaches have much more on the line.

Once the field is set, the “First Four” round is played. It’s comprised of 4 games of teams that have to “win to get in” to the actual tournament.

Image result for ncaa march madness bracket

From there, there are 5 rounds leading up to the National Championship. If you win your game, you move on and the loser goes home, ending their season.

This season, the past three National Champions are all in the current top-10 as March draws near.

The winner of each conference automatically gets a bid to be in the tournament, but after that, a selection committee decided what teams are best, and selects their seed for the tournament based on that.

With 32 conferences, the committee chooses the best 36 teams remaining, seeding the entire field of 68 from 1-16 (four quarters of the bracket). The “First Four” games are made up of (usually) a game for the 11-seed and a game for the 16-seed in each quarter.

The lowest seeded team to ever win a National Championship was when 8-seed Villanova beat 1-seed Georgetown in 1985.

Here are this years current rankings.

This year, the tournament starts on March 11 with the Selection Sunday show, and continues with the “First Four” play-in games on the March 14.

Check back here for more information on March Madness when it starts. I’ll be covering some of the later rounds when they happen!

Until then, enjoy this hype/trailer video.

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